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Eurosoft has developed a complete package of applications that are tailor-made solutions covering a wide range of the market. These applications are designed using the latest programming methods to fully comply with the relevant existing legislation.

These applications:
Meet the needs of today’s business with multiple users.
Are designed to provide flexibility, speed, security and immediacy of information
Adjust to the needs and the mode of business operation, offer independence and evolve following the development step by step (Customization).

Choice of Report Medium. The user is given the choice to get a report in any format they want, on a printout, displayed on his screen or have it stored in a file on their computer.

On-line search - insert Coding. This can be done at all times required by the user while navigating through the application.

On-line monitoring of fiscal years and comparisons of data between them.

Ability to define and design data entry performed by the systems administrator. Automated processes backup – systems restore. These automated procedures are performed through the applications menu which makes it easily accessible by the user.

These applications, developed by Eurosoft are based on:
1. Advanced development tools (case tools), which have been created within the company  after long-term, laborious research and development.
2. Operating Systems STANDARD UNIX or UNIX-LIKE, which is the official software development platform of the European Union.
3. Informix C-ISAM database management.
4. Development Language C which is the mother language of UNIX and is ideal for solving    specific technical problems and is also the basis for most fourth-generation languages.
5. The use SQL.

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