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Accounting Support
Having recorded and studied each enterprise's operational needs, Eurosoft is ready to offer accounting support services that are specifically designed to help each company better deal with its accounting issues.
Some of these services include:
  •  Organisation of accountant drawing and analytic accountancy.
  • Organisation of accounts department with the wider significance. (constantly, suppliers, payroll etc). •Support in accountant and tax subjects.
  • Care of follow-up of correct application of Laws, with regard to the operation of Accounts department and the Tax Legislation according to the International Accountant Models.
  • Computerisation of all statements of - certifications to the state or private individuals (VAT.,
  • statement [FMY], Intrastat via e-mail, certifications on ORGANISATION FOR THE OCCUPATION OF THE WORK FORCE, ORGANISATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY etc).
Reliable carrefour of elements
  • Definition of internal processes.
  • Installation of system of publication of Short-term-annual results (balance-sheet of company).
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