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All of Eurosoft's software applications are closely reviewed and tested before delivered to our clients. However, our business is closely related with the evolving economy and the fast pace of changes and alterations to the existing Laws and Legislations. Consequently, it is very common in our field, that we are asked to alter, modify or upgrade existing software to be in accordance with the new Legislation. Maintenance also refers to small problems that occur during the day such as errors in data entry or even loss of data due to power outage. Maintenance is a service that is provided to our clients on a regular basis in order to keep the system running smoothly. Maintenance refers to hardware and software as well as system and data security. 

These services include:

  • File backup
  • File organization
  • Daily entry backup and organization
  • Technical (hardware) adjustments

 Maintenance is one of our competitive advantages against other software companies because:

  • Minor adjustments to the already running software are offered at no extra charge!
  • We offer discounts on software upgrades
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