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All of Eurosoft’s software applications are designed, by utilizing the most advanced programming methods in order to better adjust to the needs of each specific customer and meet the requirements of today’s business. All the daily tasks that are performed by the users become so easy to accomplish, and Eurosoft’s E.R.P. software system is designed to protect them from occasional data entry errors as well as informing them in case they have queries concerning the business laws and regulations. At the same time, each program records the changes made during the day, updates all the processes, performs backup checks through the company’s files and books.

At the request of the user, the program produces a report that informs the systems’ supervisor about the daily tasks and the outcome.  This results in eliminating the useless and time consuming network processes. The Customization process is implemented by using:

  • Parametric, tree-like user friendly menu
  • Specific keys (function keys) to help the user perform data entry faster without the use of the mouse
  • On-line calculator, calendar, office automation
  • On-line relational database (Informix) and office automation packages (Uniplex etc.)
  • On-line batch processes
  • Parametrical system processes that allows us to update rather than build from scratch an existing program
  • Advanced security processes which is implemented by multi level clearance of the users by assigning them rights and privileges to access information and/or manipulate data.
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