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Automated Accounting Closure
In an attempt to become increasingly competitive at a scientific level but also at providing a service, and also our need to satisfy customer demands for faster and accurate information requirements, we create innovative solutions like the Automated Accounting Closure for Enterprises applications accompanied by all the ancillary programs. These applications are ideal for large corporations with partner companies and subsidiaries that they need to monitor on a daily basis.

The application is designed in a way that the user is connected to all companies from one screen, regardless of the number but also has the choice of selecting specific companies that they need to “close”. The user simply gives the command to initiate the process by pressing one button and all the necessary work that needs to be done in order to close the company  (short term - Annual results, Depreciation, Accounts, Accounting Information, Forecasts, etc.) is performed followed by work to consolidate the Group.

In this way the Company Director can check at any time during the day, the financial and accounting status of his/her companies in the group separately, but can also get consolidated results for the Group.

At the same time, the Director can get statistical and comparative data between current and previous fiscal years, as well as many other reports that are produced by the work performed. In this way our clients have a comprehensive and detailed picture of the activities of their companies.
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